Cross Country Moves From a Pro

As someone that has moved every single year for the past 7 years, i’ve become quite the professional, to say the least – at least, I like to think so. However the past two years have been especially different. I’ve put this post off for over a year now because I wanted to “wait until I felt more settled.” So bear with me, here. This might get a little confusing.

3 Years of Moving in a Nutshell

For anyone that goes out of state for college, you can probably relate to apartment hopping every year to a newer and cuter apartment with lower rent. However post-college typically goes one of two ways for people. Some find a job in a new city and move away where they find home in a brand new city where they will stay in for a bit longer than the typical 12 month lease. Others move back home with family to save money (oh, how I wish i could go back and do this). Well for me, 2 years zipped by. I snagged a sweet position at a start up, met two incredible best friends (that I still IM all day long with) and made connections with people in the PR industry that i will always cherish. Once i hit the “2-3 years of experience mark” I finally decided it was the perfect opportunity to squeeze in a year near my family. Rather than moving a few miles away to a different apartment with a better balcony view or a backsplash I could just not live without, I decided to pack up my life in Phoenix and drive everything I owned in a U-Haul to San Francisco (with the help of my mother of course). 

For most this is an easy decision, all of the boxes are checked — I will get to live near my parents, brother, nieces, cousins and their precious babies and get a brand new job in a new city. What more could I need? Well for Type A, worry about every-little-change-or-possibility me; this was such a hard one. I was moving further away from my boyfriend (yes, the NFL is quite the long distance relationship advocate for those starting careers), away from all of my friends, and most importantly, I was leaving my safe zone.

Fast forward a year. I made wonderful new relationships, lived in a gorgeous apartment in Oakland, CA (that i spent entirely too much money on) and spent almost every other weekend with my family (when I wasn’t traveling back and forth to New England to see my boyfriend). After 3 long seasons of long distance, it was time to call the whole long distance thing quits. (FINALLY) My job agreed to allow me to work from the east coast, my lease was ending, and this time I packed up my belongings with a smile on my face. Typically change scared me, this time It just felt right. Here are my quick and dirty tips for moving A LOT, and staying sane.

Make lists, lots of lists

Like I mentioned many times before, I am a Leo to my core. Organization, plans, lists, and controlling the controllable are my forté. I LOVE the reminders and notes app on my iPhone. Regardless of which device I’m using the wonderful iCloud syncs everything for you, so whether you are running errands with your apple watch, or freelancing into the wee hours of the morning, I can always update and cross things off my never ending list.

Trim the fat

I don’t know about you, but as I get older I always find myself questioning “if i will need something in X years.” If you haven’t worn that chunky knit in over a year, let it go, sis. This goes for everything – shoes, accessories, handbags. Unless it’s an investment piece, it’s not worth the struggle. Whether you are shipping your belongings or checking bags, it’s better to only stick with the items you know you will need. All of the maybe’s aren’t worth the drama. Everything else can go in luggages or these storage containers. They stack, they are spacious, they are cheap.

Do as much as possible before hand

This goes for literally everything. Scheduling set up times with your utilities companies (no Wi-Fi is scary), shipping yourself items you don’t need during the move but don’t want to re-purchase (cleaning supplies, wall art, framed photos).

Think ahead about your pet

If you don’t have a pet, skip ahead. Emotional Support is real and I am so thankful my boyfriend encouraged me to take the steps in registering my bulldog as an ESAN. My therapist recommended traveling with my pet during my move to reduce anxiety. I don’t know about you, but the thought of my baby underneath the cargo of an airplane literally makes my stomach turn. Be sure to do your research and work with the airlines before hand, for obvious reasons there are a ton of steps to take when traveling with an ESAN but it can eliminate so many extra costs if you think ahead. My English Bulldog is a very happy and friendly pup and loves attention so I giving him a loooooong walk and Benedryl before the flight usually does the trick. Almost all airports (in the US) have a pet relief area which you can typically access through your airline app.

What has been your life saving tip while moving? How did you overcome long-distance in your relationship? Share your tips in the comments below!


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