2017: Year in Review

So yes, we are three days into 2018. And yes, I’ve opened up my laptop in attempt to publish this post no less than 12 times only to stare at the ceiling, answer 832897 emails, make  a list of things we need for the house, decide a workout is more important. You get it.

The best way I can summarize 2017 is this: It was HARD work. But as I am sifting through my highlights and memories, all I can do is smile. The hard work was so worth it. Let’s review, shall we?

I stretched myself (mentally, and physically)

I say stretched and mean every definition of that word. I moved home the summer of 2016 to be closer to family but even further from my boyfriend who was then finishing out his season in New England. So yes, that means I spent a l o t of my time on 6 hour red eyes, made every long weekend count, and googled “how to get rid of dark bags under eyes” more times than I can count. But boy was it worth it. We grew, so much in our relationship. I grew as a daughter, auntie, and god mother. Magic was in the works, and I didn’t even realize it. I learned to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, to trust the process, and appreciate the support of family that I have never experienced before — after living out of state for 7 years.

Lots of Firsts

6 years later, and we continued to support each others dreams, goals and aspirations. We pushed each other when distance got hard, leaned on our faith when we didn’t have the answers, and trusted that the distance between us (literally 3,092 miles) would only strengthen our relationship. And boy were we right. We won our first Super bowl ring, traveled back to AZ to watch our college friends get married (first wedding!), went to Hawaii for the most beautiful vacation (he got to see where my family is from for the first time!), and got to experience a ring ceremony which will forever be on our top 10 life highlights.

A Summer with my Best friends

I have no idea how I managed it, but I got to spend a summer traveling to see almost ALL of my best friends. Now that we all live in different states and have crazy schedules and deadlines to meet, seeing each other can be quite the task. Each and every one of my friends are practically my family, and I couldn’t have made it through the year without their support.

An Unexpected Turn

Then life took an unexpected turn, as it tends to do, and we went from *thinking* I was going to relocate to Boston to finally end long distance, to actually moving to Atlanta, GA where Jamil was signed. Because that’s just how the NFL works. I took a leap, and turned my full-time management position into a consultant career to allow me to work from home — which really meant I was going to be running my own business. So while we experienced one of the largest life changes, I also started my own business consulting for two agencies and freelancing. The timing wasn’t ideal, but it pushed us both to leverage each other in ways we haven’t yet, ultimately making us even stronger than we were before. God works in the most mysterious but best ways, let me tell you. We both got to move to a brand new city, into the house of our dreams, and start fresh, together. We hosted our first Thanksgiving, welcomed a brand new nephew into the family, and made some pretty special memories with family.

So yes, this year was hard work, and as we head into 2018 I want to focus most on wellness. Wellness in my relationship, in my family, in my career, and in my mind, body and soul.  We love Atlanta, and everything it has brought to our lives so far. We can only pray that 2018 brings as much love and light as 2017 did.


With love,



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