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My Feminism is Black

It has taken me months to even articulate what this feels like.

November stung, more than I anticipated and yes, I cried like a baby when Donald Trump was announced the 45th President of the United States. I was scared, more angry then I am used to feeling and my anxiety draped over me like a heavy blanket as I had to muster up the courage to face reality.

Because after all. All of the odds are against me.

I am a WOMAN. A product of a BIRACIAL marriage – my father is BLACK and my mother is the daughter of a Filipino IMMIGRANT.


I am fearful for black lives, muslim lives, women’s lives, LGBTQ lives. Some of my best friends make up these communities. Why don’t we matter?

But then the Women’s March came. A march that I had mixed emotions about attending and/or supporting, initially. A march that would be looked at as just another “protest” in Oakland, California. While I am fully here for equal rights and pay for women, I am hurting for the 258 black lives that were taken in 2016 by police officers. I finally realized where I stand in this mess – I am a feminist because of my blackness.




Saturday, January 21 2017. I woke up with a fire inside of me, and I am so thankful that I listened to it. I marched through Downtown Oakland with two women that inspire me most. Two women that have valued education, independence, and equality. My best friend’s mother (left) and my mother (right).

I held my mom’s hand with tears in my eyes, and got to experience a moment so special to me that I will never forget. The entire city of Oakland chanted “Black Lives Matter” and “Yes we can, Yes we will”, and our solidarity was louder than ever. For the first time, in a long time, I wasn’t scared.


Saturday was magic. 


And while I skimmed through jarring headlines just 24 hours later, January 21st will always be magic. I pray that we continue to stand together as allies, and that as a nation we always stand up for what is right as a human race.

Because after all, love is love is love is love.




Monday Inspo

Whenever the weather begins to cool down, it’s so easy to start to get lost in our daily routines and a little less easy to stay on top of the little things that keep us going.  Since I find that motivation is the usually the root of my happiness, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite words of wisdom that keep me inspired and thankful.


Everyone deserves to do at least one thing they love to do everyday.  Don’t hide behind responsibilities – You have as many hours in the day as Beyonce, girlfriend.

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Sometimes I get so wrapped up in my work/ fitness/ busy schedule, that I forget to appreciate the littlest things – like how blessed I am to get to spend so much time with my best friend every single day (which also happens to be my boyfriend).  He is the world’s BEST eating partner, movie critic, comedian *sometimes*, and snuggler.

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Trust your struggle.

photo(3)All dramatics aside – Post-grad life is rough. We’ve spent our entire lives with knowledge of what society expects us to do next, until college.  After Junior High comes High School. After High School, then College. And after College comes ______.

For some its to get married, start a family, and work towards being homeowners (definitely not me).  For others it’s continuing your education in a master’s program or in law school (no thanks, currently drowning in student loans).  For me, I had a nice clean slate.  I finally attained my degree in four years – as planned, while working full time at Nordstrom as a Personal Stylist, and had the time of my life.  Then in May of 2013 came graduation … and the big girl questions came flying at me.

This gave me an anxiety attack for 3 reasons:

1.  I’m a perfectionist – making me extremely goal-oriented, with a 5 year plan – yup. I’m that girl.  I knew I was in love with fashion but didn’t LOVE working in retail.

2.  I’m a control freak.  Not knowing what was next literally made me sick to my stomach.

3.  I’m independent.  I absolutely could NOT move home (Northern California) and press pause until my life came together.  I had to figure it out on my own.

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