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Currently Coveting: March 2018

In the last few months I’ve noticed my group chats growing more and more focused around all of the new products I’m obsessing over every week. From beauty to health, I have been on this “lets-test-all-the-products” kick, and truly feel like i’ve found some gems.  These are items that have saved my immune system with all of our traveling, saved my skin from the drastic changes of new climates.

 Here’s a breakdown of the products I am swearing by this month:


Beauty Must-Haves




24K Gold Face Mask by Peter Thomas Roth

With the brisk Atlanta temps, this has been a total lifesaver. If you need to feel moisturized, layer this on post-exfoliation and your skin will love you forever.


Jade Roller by Shiffa

While there has been some serious back and forth on whether or not the jade rolling phenom is real, I’ve seen significant benefits from my early-morning puffiness. Jade Rolling over my daily serums + a cup of coffee has been the best morning routine.


Health Must-Haves

Wellness Formula, Herbal Defense Complex

Wellness Formula contains a powerful combination of herbs, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals formulated to boost your well-being. If you feel like you haven’t been able to shake the cold that’s been hitting everyone around you, this will save your life.

Collagen Protein Peptides

Want to see a significant difference in your hair, nail and skin? this is the key to strong everythang.

Tower Pilates class

As an ex-dancer, Pilates has physically and mentally changed the game for me. Not only do I feel myself getting stronger each week, I feel challenged in almost the exact way I felt dancing for over 20 years. Shoutout to my gals at Lifemoves.


Wardrobe Must-Haves








Burberry cross body

The sweetest gift from my guy. Also 50 extra points because he picked this out all on his own.


While I adore the Gucci design, these Target gems will do the same job.


Lovely Links

links that are

1. Because everything deserves to be lovely, even your toilet paper holder. (

2. Because everyone should be rocking these lip colors this month. (

3. Because, I’m nerdy and even smart people are misusing these phrases. (

4. Because I will never get over ikea, and these are some pretty awesome pieces. (

5. Because everyone can use a good contour tip every once in a while.  (

Yes we can, Halloween edition.

Like every other fashion enthusiast on this planet, I love a good Halloween costume.  However, this year was a little tricky.  Drowning in work projects and busy schedules, I just couldn’t find the time to DIY my life away.  So after a few nights spent searching hashtags, my wardrobe and Pinterest, I came up with this.

Rosie the Riveter…. Beyonce style 😉


You can never go wrong with an iconic costume idea.  And although, I didn’t have time to create a perfect backdrop – I took advantage of chalkboard paint.

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 5.54.11 PM

What were you for Halloween?

Leather is always a good idea.

Happy first day of Fall, fashionistas! Just like the rest of the women in this world, I am obviously obsessed with all things related to Fall – well except Pumpkin-spiced Lattes. I’ll stick with my zebra mocha, thanks though.  But otherwise yes, I DIE for the riding boots, chunky scarves, holiday food; but most of all the LEATHER! Since Arizona hasn’t quite received the Fall weather memo, yet – I have been forcing leather into my wardrobe every chance I get!


Necklace: Top Shop |  Shoes: Top Shop | Dress: Brandy Melville | Jacket: Trouvé

This Trouvé gem appeared on the Nordstrom sale rack last Christmas.  (I must have done something right in this life to be so deserving). 


Coming from a Neutrals-only-girl, this burgundy leather hits the spot.  It literally goes with EVERYTHING.  However, I’ve been on the lookout for a new leather jacket for over a month now! Here are a few I can’t stop day dreaming about…

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 6.30.52 PM

What is your favorite piece to wear in the Fall?

Weekend vibes

I’ll admit it.  I’m a sucker for a comfortable weekend outfit.

After a long week at work, I am constantly digging through my closet for the effortlessly comfy pieces.  Since it’s still pretty warm in Arizona, a kimono is my go-to-gal.  They are lightweight and the perfect third piece ( I firmly believe in the third piece rule.  ALWAYS wear a third piece, guys).


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Fall means football

Fall means two things for me…. Fashion and Football. I am so blessed to live with one of my best friends (in a super cute condo, might I add) AND support our boyfriends together at our Alma Mater-Arizona State University, Go Devils.

As much as I love my girly little numbers I’m a sucker for a sporty (and sassy) look!  After 3 long seasons, Erin and I have pretty much mastered this style…

Here are my favorite basics for every season, paired with my customized jersey (obvs) ….


1.  Water is a MUST & totally fashionable in my book.  These games last almost 4 hours, and the $9 soft drinks start to get old (well expensive) after a while.

2.  Scarves are lifesavers when it starts to cool down –  if you’re worried about how to style it, I would suggest an infinity scarf (thank me later).

3.  Converse are comfy and classic.  End of story.

4.  I live and breathe a good cross-body, and the Marc by Marc Jacobs “Natasha” is heaven.  Just enough space and sass, all in one.

5.  Theres nothing, I repeat NOTHING I hate more than freezing on cold bleachers.  Keep your long locks warm with an oversized beanie.

6.  I will profess my love for Paige Denim sometime in the near future, but the “Verdugo” ankle skinny is my jam.

Happy football season, lovelies 🙂

Fall has arrived… sort of.

Besides the fact that I live in a city that decides to be well over 100 degrees for 5 months out of the year, my closet is SO ready for Fall. Waking up to a timeline of all things New York Fashion Week – for the last couple of days – has left me dreaming of chunky knits, boots and scarves – until I realize I’m in Arizona where the fall weather won’t exist until mid-October.  So in lieu of dark denim and leather jackets I have accepted that I will just have to live with embracing a fall color palette instead.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Typically, I’m all about the neutrals (black, grey, white). So I try to step outside of my comfort zones with colors that compliment my skin complexion. Hues of green have always done it for me, and why not spice it up with an accent color pump?



Don’t let the weather stop you from doing your thang.

Dress: Top Shop | Handbag: Prada | Shoes: BEBE | Earrings: Nordstrom | Lip Color: Up the Amp by Mac  | Nail Color: Sole Mate by Essie

cc: Michella Pomales